I am a graduate student in Physics at the University of Chicago.

Ashland BRT II – Travel Times

Updated 12 Jan 2015 at 9:00 AM: I’ve used the week of 23 November 2014 to calculate delays on the Ashland bus, Thanksgiving week.  I’ll update this post with data from the week of November 10th later this week. Updated … Continue reading

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Sudbury Transit Maps

I’m traveling to Sudbury, Ontario this week. As the ‘Capital of Northern Ontario’, Sudbury is a center for mining, engineering, and education. By North American standards, they invest in a very large number of service hours, which is required in … Continue reading

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Bus Tracker Data – First Look

Over this last week, I have been posting plots of bus positions vs. time in this folder. I’ve just updated the plots for the 5 most bunched bus routes run by the CTA: 9 – Ashland, 22 – Clark, 49 … Continue reading

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Plotting Bus Tracker Data

Further to last week’s post, I’ve produced a set of plots showing bus locations vs. time for the 66 Chicago bus route.  These handily show where delays and bunching occur along the route. The plots are generated by polling the … Continue reading

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The Physics of Bus Bunching

Three weeks ago, WBEZ’s Curious City segment asked why buses bunch in Chicago and what are the options for reducing bunching. As with many popular articles about physics, the piece described interesting facts while conveying a slightly incorrect intuition about … Continue reading

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The University of Chicago Draft Bike Plan

Two Wednesday’s ago, the University of Chicago held a public meeting about a new draft bicycle plan for the campus. A total of 3 students, including myself, were in attendance. The possible range of initiatives for such a plan is … Continue reading

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Ashland BRT I – Existing Ridership

The Ashland BRT proposal promises to provide service with similar speed and frequency of a new ‘L’ line across the heart of the city. This project would dramatically improve travel for tens of thousands of existing and potential customers. The … Continue reading

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